Make your apps scalable and resilient

VMware Tanzu RabbitMQ is the commercial edition of the popular open source message broker. It ships as a container image, it is production-ready out of the box, and you can start using it in minutes:

New & exclusive features

Tanzu RabbitMQ has features not available in the FOSS RabbitMQ.

  • Multi-Site Schema Replication

    Deployments running in different zones or regions can be set to keep their schemas in sync. If the primary deployment becomes unavailable, clients are able to reconnect to the secondary and continue working with minimal disruption. Learn more →

  • Inter-Node Data Compression

    All network traffic exchanged by nodes in a deployment is compressed by default. For JSON message payloads, bandwidth usage is reduced by 16x. Use the calculator below to see how much you can save in network bandwidth costs. Learn more →

  • Safe by Default

    Transport security protocols are restricted to production-safe variants. The Erlang runtime included has the latest optimizations and patches applied. Recovery from crashes is quicker and disk usage is lighter via improved configuration.

  • Direct Feedback

    A dedicated email address is available for you to share feedback directly with the engineering team. Tell us what you like, what you don't like, and what is confusing or missing. Our goal is to use your combined feedback to improve the product.

  • Extended Support Lifecycle

    New releases become available every six months. Each major release is supported for two years, with opportunities to upgrade every six months. This means that you will always know when you can (6 months), should (12 months) or must (18 months) upgrade to maintain support continuity.

  • 24x7 Support

    RabbitMQ is frequently used in mission-critical applications. Expert technical support provided by VMware’s global support and backed by RabbitMQ engineering ensures that a knowledgeable team is always available to help, twenty-four hours a day. Phone & online support are included with your Tanzu RabbitMQ license.

Calculate your monthly cost savings

Tanzu RabbitMQ reduces your public cloud bandwidth bill when multi-node clusters are deployed across availability zones.

Google Cloud

Amazon Web Services Microsoft Azure

When a multi-node RabbitMQ cluster runs across multiple availability zones, all data transferred between nodes is charged at $0.01/GB. Google Cloud charges for outgoing traffic only. Amazon Web Services & Microsoft Azure charge for both incoming and outgoing traffic.

This is based on 1 Quorum Queue with 5 Producers and 5 Consumers, each with its own dedicated Connection and Channel. We use the c2-standard-8 GCP instance type, with 4 vCPUs & 10GB RAM dedicated to each RabbitMQ node. Each node has a 500GB SSD disk with max 15k read & write IOPS, and 240MB/s read & write throughput. Disk write throughput is the limiting factor, and the sliders on the left re-adjust to reflect this.

Releases & lifecycle policy

Releases every six months, major releases supported for two years.

Version RabbitMQ Erlang/OTP OpenSSL Release Date Support Until
1.0.0 3.8.9 23.1.4 1.1.1 Dec 1, 2020
1.1.0 3.8.16 23.3.4 1.1.1 Jun, 2021 Dec 1, 2022
2.0.0 3.9.x 24.x TBA TBA TBA